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Maintenance of Plywood Gluing Machine

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No matter what kind of production equipment, proper maintenance can improve its service life and practicality. In order to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the plywood gluing machine, regular maintenance is very important. This equipment is an important equipment in the plywood production industry. It is used to glue layers of wood veneers together to form strong and durable plywood.

plywood gluing machine

How to maintain the plywood gluing machine

The daily maintenance of the glue coating machine is mainly to stabilize the equipment for production. Next, let’s introduce how to maintain the glue spreader?

1.Add oil

First of all, ensure the daily normal working environment of the glue coating machine, add lubricating oil to the three-axis dispensing bearings according to the actual situation, and regularly lubricate the moving parts of the machine, such as chains, gears, bearings, etc., to reduce friction and extend its use. life.

2. Glue cleaning

During normal operation, some glue may remain on the surface of the workbench, which is within the scope of daily maintenance of the glue applicator. If residual glue is found, the machine should be cleaned regularly to remove any dirt, dust or debris that may have accumulated on its surface. Cleaning your machine also helps prevent corrosion of its metal parts. So as not to affect subsequent work. Special attention should be paid to rollers and applicators as these are the parts that come into direct contact with the glue.

3. Check the electrical system

The third step in maintaining your plywood gluing machine is to inspect its electrical system. The machine's electrical system includes motors, controllers, and sensors. Any failure of these electrical components can cause machine failure or shutdown. Regular inspection of the electrical system will help prevent any serious problems and is for a stable output environment.

4. Record Keeping

Maintain records of maintenance inspections, repairs and replacements to help identify potential problems and schedule preventive maintenance.

In fact, the daily maintenance of the glue applicator is not difficult, but rather troublesome. Parts often need to be replaced or lubricants added. Friction will occur at each connection of the machine and equipment, which can easily lead to dispensing deviation over time.

Regular maintenance of your plywood gluing machine is key to ensuring its efficient operation and long service life. In fact, no matter what equipment we use, we should know how to maintain and care for it, so that we can reduce the frequency of failures when using it in the future. Following correct operating procedures is also critical to producing high-quality plywood. With good maintenance and proper operation of your plywood gluing machine, you can produce structurally sound plywood that will last for many years.

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