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LIGNA, Hannover International Woodworking Machinery Exhibition

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A grand meeting of the timber industry -- LIGNA, Hannover International Woodworking Machinery Exhibition in 2021



[Exhibition Introduction]


LIGNA is the most important exhibition for the global wood, furniture and wood processing industries.

Founded in 1975, the exhibition is held every two years and is also a grand event for the world's top woodworking and wood processing industries.

LIGNA covers all aspects of the value-added chain, from forestry technology, primary sawing and board production to secondary processing for mature industries and the production of renewable energy wood. LIGNA exhibition is incomparable to other exhibitions in the world in terms of exhibition scale, exhibitors and visitors, as well as authority, professionalism and transaction amount.


LIGNA, the Hannover International Woodworking Machinery Fair 2021, will be held at the Hannover International Exhibition Center from May 10-14, 2021.






 [Scope of Exhibits]


Custom and mass production of woodworking tools and woodworking machinery, surface technology, wood-based panel production, sawmill technology, wood energy, machine parts and automation technology, forestry, log and sawn timber production machinery,


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        5ft-veneer-glue-spreader-machine                                                                             50 Openings Hot Press For Plywood

 (Pictures from www.xhcwoodmachine.com XINHUACHENG MACHINERY MANUFACTURING)                               



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