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Gantry Type Lift for Hot Press

As one of the leading scissor type lift for hot press manufacturers and suppliers in China. Choose us, you need not worry anything, we will help you arrange all.


Gantry Type Lift for Hot Press Advantages

As followings:

● Color is optional. 

● Double control: both platform and ground have controller. 

● Spillover valve:It can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up.


1. Heavy load capacity:

Gantry lifts are specifically made to lift and position large and heavy hot press plates or platen assemblies in manufacturing due to their ability to handle heavy loads.

2. Versatility:

Gantry lifts can be tailored to fit various dimensions and weights of hot press plates or platen assemblies. Adjustable lifting capacities and beam lengths can be customized to meet specific needs in their design.

3. Precise positioning:

Gantry lifts come with precise control systems that enable precise positioning of hot press plates or platen assemblies. This guarantees that pressure is evenly distributed and aligned properly when pressing, leading to the production of high-quality products consistently.


  Gantry Type Lift for Hot Press

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