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Knowledge Of Wooden

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1. The density:

Density is derived from wood drying to standard moisture content.

Density is also related to hardness, strength and ease of application.

2. Durability:

The durability of wood is actually its resistance to corrosion, which is very important for outdoor use.

Some woods are particularly susceptible to mothworms (while others are mothproof)

3. The pattern:

The pattern is the wood surface to form bright striped material color, tree rings, texture, scar, flaw and other natural details, equivalent to the macro texture.

4. Texture:

Texture is used to describe the direction of wood fibers in a tree.

Straight wood, interlaced, spiral, wavy, and some wood have irregular textures.

5. Texture

The size of the cell tube holes and rays of wood, usually rough texture will have larger cell tube holes, in the time of surface treatment to fill seams.

6. Heartwood

The nonfunctional wood in the middle of the trunk is called heartwood.

It is darker than sapwood, more durable and moth-resistant

7. Sapwood

The outer, relatively soft part of a tree trunk.

While the tree is still alive, these tissues can carry water, minerals and store food.

Sapwood thickness varies greatly among different species

8. Wood ray

The strips of cells are arranged at a 90-degree Angle to the rings.

They are visible in some timbers, such as oak, and almost invisible in others

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