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Working Principle of Steam Boiler

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1.Working Principle (Take Pulverized Coal Furnace as an Example)

The heat generated by pulverized coal combustion in the furnace is absorbed by the water wall through radiation heat transfer, boiling and vaporizing of the water wall, generating a large amount of steam into the drum for steam-water separation (except for the once-through furnace), and the saturated steam separated into the superheater. The top and horizontal flue and tail smoke of the furnace are absorbed by radiation and convection. The flue gas heat of the flue gas and the superheated steam can reach the required working temperature. Power generation boilers are usually equipped with reheaters, which are used to heat the steam after working through the high pressure cylinder. The reheater steam goes to the medium and low pressure cylinders to continue to work for power generation.

2.When the pulverized coal boiler works, the position of the flame center will affect the evaporation amount. Generally speaking, the low flame center will lead to the large evaporation amount, while the high flame center will lead to the small evaporation amount. The position of the flame center will also affect the temperature of the superheated steam or reheated steam. Usually, the temperature of the superheated steam, especially the reheated steam, will be lower if the flame center is low, otherwise. On the high side.

3.As far as pulverized coal fired boilers are concerned, there are many ways to arrange burners, such as front and rear wall hedging, tangential firing, Double Tangential firing, and so on. They have their own characteristics. Because the same furnace can not apply the above arrangement at the same time, the influence on steam can not be directly concluded.

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