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Working Principle and Process of Automatic Band Sawing Machine

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The control method of feeding system of automatic band saw machine is generally to detect the feeding length with grating ruler, process the detection signal by computer, control the feeding valve, output the opening or closing instructions, and the feeding actuator adopts hydraulic system; when the computer sends out the instructions, because of the inertia of the action of the hydraulic mechanism and the pressure in the feeding process, the feeding actuator adopts hydraulic system. The change makes the change of feed rate inconsistent with the change of action rate of control mechanism, so the control accuracy is greatly affected. At the same time, the hydraulic system is not easy to maintain.

The automatic band saw is mainly composed of saw head and feeding system. There are two vises in feeding system. The front vise is fixed vise, which is used to fix material when sawing, and the back vise is movable vise. The processed material is fixed by the back vise, and the vise is driven forward and backward by the lead screw. The lead screw is driven by a stepper motor controlled by 8031. Therefore, as long as the stepper motor is properly controlled, high control accuracy and feeding speed can be guaranteed.

Manual work can be used to clamp, loosen, feed and cut the front and back pliers, and to control the starting and stopping of the motor, as well as the forward and backward operation of the back pliers. In automatic operation, according to the parameters set by the editor (the number of groups, lengths and roots of the material processed), the material is automatically fed, and then the instructions of sawing, pressing the limit switch of working progress, turning into working progress, opening the saw blade control motor, pressing limit, closing and dropping the saw are automatically output in turn. When the processing is finished, the lifting saw, lifting off the work, turning off the saw blade control motor and so on are output in turn.

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