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Working principle and classification of cold press

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Working principle and classification of cold press

The working principle of the cold press:

On the basis of negative pressure, positive pressure, accompanied by special glue for PVC processing series, linear force is in place, paste can not be compared with negative pressure equipment, because its pressure, low temperature, membrane pressure is solved in a short time The deformation of the negative pressure equipment (especially large workpieces) causes the deformation of the workpiece to greatly reduce the workpiece. Utilizing advanced electronically controlled new products, adjustments can be made into Taiwan, or Taiwan, adding cold, vacuum, membrane pressure, stripping, and reducing Taiwan's manufacturing process automatically. Mainly hydraulic and compression-powered air, with sufficient air pressure and air volume, the steel frame structure is treated as a whole, and the overall structure is reasonable. The two meters can be recycled or used alone. Vacuum adjustment of the first low pressure, high pressure suction, after examination, the membrane pressure reached 0.4MPa, through adjustment, the product achieved the expected results.

Cold press classification

Standard cold-press double row and four-pillar, desktop and ground chillers, as well as manual and automatic cold presses, with capacities from 12 to 100 tons of pressure.

Expected to be surface mount in Formosa Plastics, LCD screens, zebra paper, electronic products, cold soldering, the purpose is to produce equipment used, the industry has now expanded a new project, is HDMI data line, stamping and soldering and getting good The effect of using. In Dongguan, one of the households is doing a good job, and the cold pressure generally chooses the imported cold-pressed imports from the United States.

1. For different products, the heating rate can be adjusted to elect

2, special materials, joint cold machine, average pressure to ensure products

3, the vacuum function is equipped, it is easier to adapt to the position

4, temperature and numerical control, clear accuracy

5, the digital pressure gauge is equipped with a pre-set pressure range

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