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Why choose Plywood Composer

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Whole machine: It adopts frame structure, high-quality channel steel and H steel. The heating tube is made of high-quality square tube, with good rigidity, reasonable and smooth heating gas path design, and balanced heating. The plate core has a good heating effect in the upper and lower heating square tubes.

Power: Hydraulic station and cylinder balance device are used, and the movements are stable and synchronized. Low noise and high thrust.

Heating system: It is heated by steam and heat-conducting oil furnace. The produced blockboard core board has a smooth surface, no gaps in the imposition, firm bonding, high yield, short drying time, easy operation, maintenance and ultra-low failure rate.

The wooden square boards with uniform specifications are placed in the special holding tray. After gluing, the holding tray and the glued wooden square are placed on the top of the head flap of the puzzle machine, and the flap is moved by the air cylinder. The material tray and the wooden square stand up, the material tray is manually pulled out, and the wooden square is pressed by the pressing cylinder. The hydraulic station drives the cylinder plunger to connect with the push plate to move back and forth, and push the wood to enter the middle of the upper and lower heating pipes for heating and drying. At the same time, the excess out-of-specification wood is cut by a chainsaw.

The gap between the upper and lower heating square tubes is adjustable, and the thickness of the panel can be achieved only by adjusting the height of the upper heating tube.

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