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What should I pay attention to when using copper clad laminate hot press?

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The technology of copper-clad laminates has a history of 100 years. The copper-clad laminate hot press uses its principle to produce substrates. As people's requirements for products increase, the copper-clad laminate hot press is also continuously upgraded. There are also higher requirements for use and maintenance.

The original copper-clad laminate hot press was open, with many advantages, such as low cost, easy installation and maintenance, and the energy company needed to work can create it by itself. However, there are many disadvantages, easy to go wrong, very large maintenance, production has certain pollution to the environment, and production efficiency is very low.

The current copper-clad laminate hot press cylinder uses a horizontal bar. The single plunger has uneven pressure when processing the plate, which improves the flatness of the product to a certain extent. The hydraulic system can provide pressing power for the hot press, so its stability requirements are very high. Long-term use may cause metal powder in the hydraulic oil, which will affect the inflexible movement of the valve core. At this time, it is necessary to clean the filter or clean the fuel tank and then add the clean oil.

Now the copper-clad laminate hot presses have realized automatic production. They are controlled by a computer, and you can see changes in parameters such as temperature and pressure on the computer. These data are checked regularly. When abnormalities occur, repair and maintenance are carried out.

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