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What should I pay attention to when the hot press is working?

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The hot press uses the relevant principles of mechanics when working so that the internal temperature of the machine continues to rise to produce a large pressure, and the surface of the part can be tinned successfully. It has better help for the control of the temperature and pressure values. Do not have a lot of sundries around the machine during work. Before the use, make sufficient preparations to check the integrity of the parts and whether they can work normally.

The hot press is divided into two platforms when working, one is a platform that can rotate, and the other is a platform that can be moved in parallel. The working modes of the two platforms are different, and different methods should be adopted according to the types of parts produced. Operating platform, when working, the temperature and pressure values inside the machine can be displayed on the instrument at all times, and the staff can pay attention and control at any time. The working system of the hot press is very intelligent. There are multiple independent and interdependent computer systems inside. The staff must control and grasp according to the types of parts produced. The method of use is simple and easy to learn.

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