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What should be paid attention to when cutting with a sawing machine?

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It is believed that many practitioners who first touch the edge sawing machine or automatic roller edge sawing machine would like to know what problems need attention in the application process, how to properly use the edge sawing machine so that the machine will not spend too much time and make its service life. Shorten, then the hot press manufacturer will introduce the following issues that need attention in the cutting operation of the edge saw and roller automatic edge saw.

Before starting the plywood sawing machine, pay attention to check whether the pressure of the heat transfer oil meets the requirements of the process rules, whether the oil level in the fuel tank is normal, and it should be replaced in time if an abnormality occurs.

Trial cutting can only be performed after the saw blade is idling stable. It is not allowed to start the saw blade when the blade edge of the saw blade is in contact with the block. It is not allowed to stop the blade rolling during the cutting. It is necessary to exit the saw blade before stopping. When cutting, if the block is found to be shaking, you should immediately stop the cut, and continue to work after the block is firmly fixed, and during the cut, do not move the block arbitrarily. If there is obvious deceleration or even the phenomenon of knife clamping, it may be due to slipping of the belt, loose compression nut, too much knife depth, too fast cutting speed, etc., so it should be adjusted in time.

Before using the plywood sawing machine every time, you should check whether the equipment is in normal operation to ensure that the parts are not loose and aging. You need to tighten the frequent lubrication oil maintenance equipment in time, which can reduce the occurrence of problems.

The full-automatic vertical and horizontal sawing machine is a widely used processing machine in wooden boards, but what is its operating structure?

Before the plate is cut by a large saw disc, a slot is pre-cut on the bottom of the plate by the small saw disc. When the large saw disc is cut, the lower part of the side edge of the plate is not rough. It also includes a pre-grooving device. The device includes a motor and a small shaft seat separated from the side and the top of the carriage support of the rack. The small shaft seat is provided with a small saw disk shaft, and one end of the small saw disk shaft is fixed. Small saw disk, the small saw disk corresponds to the front of the big saw disk, and its movement direction is opposite to that of the big saw disk. The other end of the small saw disk shaft is fixed with a small pulley. The small pulley consists of the belt and the motor shaft end of the motor shaft. The pulleys are connected.

The motor, large shaft seat, pulley, belt, and big saw installed on the carriage's pallet must be well maintained. During the operation, maintenance work should be done for each part.

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