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What's the trend of Plywood Industry

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Plywood is the leading product in my country's wood-based panels, and it is also the earliest development speed of my country's wood-based panel products.

The fastest and most competitive products in the world. Because of its excellent performance, easy processing, widely used in

Construction (50.1%), furniture (41.3%), transportation (3%) and packaging (2.2%);


Coupled with its moderate price while retaining the natural texture and texture of wood, it has always been favored by people.

With the implementation of the reform and opening-up policy, especially in the 1990s, with the continuous warming of the real estate industry and the rapid development of the hotel industry, furniture industry and interior decoration industry, my country's plywood industry began to enter a period of rapid development. In addition to domestic plywood, a large number of high-quality plywood are imported from Indonesia and Malaysia every year. In the development process of plywood, fiberboard and particleboard, plywood has the longest development history. Plywood has many excellent properties, such as small bulk density, high specific strength, relatively easy processing, and can maintain the pattern and texture of natural wood. At the same time, plywood has low processing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in several commonly used materials. , Today, when the people and the government of our country pay more and more attention to environmental protection, this is also one of the advantages of plywood itself, so plywood has always dominated in wood-based panel products, and has been widely used in building decoration, furniture production, packaging, etc. application. Although the proportion of plywood in wood-based panel products has declined in recent years, its absolute volume is still on the rise

My country's forest resources are relatively scarce, especially the high-quality, large-diameter log resources required for the production of plywood are nearly exhausted, and the manchurian ash, which was used for plywood in the past, is facing a break. After the national implementation of the natural forest protection project, the contradiction between the supply and demand of plywood resources has become more prominent, and a large amount of wood has to be imported to alleviate the demand for the quantity and variety of plywood materials. With the implementation of stricter protection measures for tropical rain forests by international environmental protection organizations and the protection policies adopted by developing countries for their own forest resources, many countries have begun to restrict and prohibit the export of logs, and more and more developed countries have begun to require plywood products Forest certification.

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