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What's the feature of Plywood Sander Machine

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The main functions of the sanding machine are as follows:

1. Roller sander: The roller sander is to wrap the abrasive cloth on the cylindrical surface of the roller to sand the parts. Machine tools can be divided into single-roller and multi-roller, manual feed and mechanical feed, single-sided sanding and double-sided sanding, vertical and horizontal. Single rollers are mostly used for thickness determination and rough sand processing of square materials and panel components below 400mm; multi-rollers are used for mass production, and for thickness determination of wide-format (800-2500mm) plates, plywood, plywood and flat frames Plus with fine sand.

2. Disc sanding machine: The disc sanding machine sticks sandpaper on the grinding disc, and sands the plane or curved surface of the workpiece through the rotation of the grinding disc. According to the installation position of the grinding disc, it can be divided into single disc and double disc, vertical type and horizontal type, and several types of grinding tools under and under. Usually only 30% of the diameter of the grinding disc is used in production, which is suitable for furniture and wood mold manufacturing. Such machine tools are less productive and have fewer applications.

3. Belt sanding machine: The belt sanding machine is to tension the endless abrasive belt on two or more pulleys, and the rotation of the pulley makes the abrasive belt produce cutting motion to realize the processing of parts. According to the structure, it can be divided into upper type and horizontal type, single abrasive belt and multiple abrasive belts, manual feeding and mechanical feeding. The belt width is less than 400mm for the ordinary belt sander. Above 600mm is the broadband sander.

4. Brush sanding machine: The brush sanding machine is to distribute several brushes and sandpaper on the circumference of the cylinder staggered, and the other end of the sandpaper is wound on the sleeve. When the cylinder rotates at a high speed, the sandpaper uses its own centrifugal force and the elastic force of the brush to press against the surface of the workpiece for sanding. Brush sanders can be used to sand contoured surfaces.

5. Combined sanding machine: it can combine roller type and disc type, disc type and belt type together

It can also be combined with turning, four-sided planing, finishing planing, etc., as fine sanding and polishing.

6. Special-shaped sander: Generally, it is a sander for non-planar panels, and 4 sets of sand rollers are aligned from 4 directions.

Panel sanding has a good sanding effect on the concave and convex surface of the panel, which can effectively replace artificial sanding.

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