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What is the working principle of the hot press?

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A hot press is one that heats two predetermined tin-plated parts to a temperature that allows the solder to melt and flow. Then, after curing, a device connected to the electromechanical device can be formed between the part and the solder. Then let's talk about what the hot press works.

For different products, one of its heating rates is actually available for selection. Its titanium alloy indenter is designed to ensure an average temperature, rapid temperature rise and extended service life. The indenter is also designed with a horizontally thicker design to ensure that the components are stressed. And also has a digital display of the pressure gauge, which can be preset in the range of pressure.

The working principle of the hot press is also the principle of pulse heating using the indenter. One surface of the welding head is specially designed. The resistance of the welding surface is very small, and the current will be constantly changed in a section with the smallest resistance. Ah, a grade of positive current. It is then heated by the welding head. In addition, a positive pressure is applied on the basis of a negative pressure, and then a special glue is used. If it is processed for the PVC series, its linear shape and adhesion are unmatched by the vacuum equipment. . Due to its high pressure and low temperature membrane pressure, it solves a deformation problem of the negative pressure equipment when machining the workpiece.

For the working principle of the hot press, it is necessary to say that the hot press adopts the control of advanced electronic products, and then can adjust it to carry out multiple processing steps such as feeding, upgrading, heating and film pressing. automatic completion. The hydraulic machine is mainly powered by oil pressure and compressed air, so there must be sufficient air pressure and gas volume. The vacuum can be adjusted to the first low pressure and then the high pressure adsorption, and then the adjustment can make the product achieve a desired effect.

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