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What is the plate hot press and how to calculate the pressure of the hot press?

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1. Is the pressure of the hot press the bigger the better? How to do the calculation?

The pressure of hot press is not the bigger the better, because it also has certain limitations. So the answer to question one is yes. Moreover, the increase of pressure will increase energy consumption, which can not be ignored. As for the calculation of hot press pressure, generally speaking, it is mainly to determine its working pressure, whether it can meet the requirements of working pressure, and whether it will bring problems, mainly for these reasons.

2. Is there a flat hot press in the hot press?

In hot press, there is a kind of flat plate hot press. In addition, when heating and controlling temperature, it is usually equipped with a heat conducting oil circulating heater or a water circulating heater to achieve temperature control, so as to meet different temperature control requirements. However, it can also be heated by installing an electric heat pipe in the plate, but the accuracy of temperature control is slightly lower.

3. What should be paid attention to in woodworking steam hot press? What is the main reason for the pressure drop of the hot press?

Woodworking steam hot press, the matters needing attention, generally speaking, in the product specifications will be detailed, and in different circumstances there are certain differences, therefore, here is not specifically elaborated. As for the pressure drop of the hot press, the main reason is the leakage of oil from the overflow valve in the hot press.

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