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What is the melamine faced boards

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What is the melamine faced boards?

The base material of melamine faced boards is particleboard and fibreboard, which is made of the base material and the surface of the board. The surface of the boards is mainly made in China and imported. Because the boards are treated by fireproof, anti-wear and waterproof soaking, the effect is the same as that of compound wood floors.

Melamine board, referred to as melamine board, the full name is melamine impregnated plastic film paper veneer board.It is to contain the paper of different color or grain to dip in adhesive of melamine colophony, dry next certain solidify degree, its shop installs the surface of board of chipboard, moistureproof board, medium density fibreboard, plywood, joinery board, much layer board or other hard fibreboard, via hot pressing and become adornment board.In the production process, is generally composed of several layers of paper, the amount according to the use.Melamine board is not a new product, fancy name does not represent the product fresh.


It is often used in interior construction and decoration of various furniture and cabinets.A few face plate, metope, ark face, ark layer board.


According to the internal fiber morphology can be divided into melamine particles plate and melamine density plate two kinds;Melamine particle plate substrate is the wood into particles and sawdust, by, redirection arrangement, hot pressing, glue dry form;Melamine density plate substrate is the wood into sawdust, redirection, hot press, glue dry form.The difference between the two is: particle plate strength, strong ability to absorb nails, density plate is relatively weak.


Melamine decorative board performance:

1, can be arbitrary imitation of various patterns, bright color, used as a variety of wood-based panels and wood veneer, hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance is good.

2, chemical resistance is general, can resist the general acid, alkali, grease and alcohol and other solvents abrasion.

3, smooth and clean surface, easy maintenance and cleaning.

Melamine board has the excellent performance that natural lumber place cannot hold concurrently, because this often is used at indoor building and the adornment on all sorts of furniture, ambry.

Melamine board is a kind of wall decoration material.Somebody USES melamine board to imitate compound floor board to be used at ground adornment, this is inappropriate.

Common specifications: 2440mm 1220mm, 1.5-1.8cm thick.


"Melamine" is one of the board of manufacturing this kind of resin adhesive, with different color or texture of paper in the resin after soaking, dry to a certain degree of curing, the shop outfit is in particieboard, medium density beaverboard or hardboard surface, by hot pressing, decorating plate specification is the name of melamine veneer plywood, melamine-impregnated paper said third melamine board is actually spoke it part of the veneer of composition.

Generally divided into surface paper, decorative paper, covering paper and bottom paper, etc.

(1) surface paper, is placed on the top of the decorative board, play a role in protecting decorative paper, heating pressure after the board surface highly transparent, the board surface is hard and wear-resistant, this paper requires good water absorption performance, white and clean, transparent after dipping.

(2) decorative paper, namely wood grain paper, is an important part of the decorative board, with background color or no background color, after printing into a variety of patterns of decorative paper, on the surface of the paper below, mainly play a decorative role, this layer requires paper with good hiding power, impregnating and printing performance.

(3) cover paper, also called titanium white paper, generally in the manufacture of light color decorative board, placed under the decorative paper, in order to prevent the bottom phenolic resin through to the surface, its main role is to cover the color and luster spots on the surface of the substrate.Therefore, good coverage is required.The above three kinds of paper were impregnated with melamine resin.

(4) the bottom of the paper, is the decorative plate of the basic material, the mechanical properties of the plate, is soaked in phenolic resin glue by drying, production can be determined according to the use or decorative plate thickness of several layers.

When choosing furniture of this kind of board type, besides colour and grain are satisfactory, still can discern exterior quality from a few respects.No stains, scratches, indentation, pores, uniform color luster, no bubble phenomenon, no local paper tear or defect phenomenon.

Edge cracking

Melamine plate makes the furniture looks strong, with colour or imitation wood grain of the paper itself is fragile, the melamine plate after soaking in the transparent resin film formed by the paper is much hard, this kind of film and substrate has a good performance after hot pressing into one, don't have to be painted, the furniture with its also.the natural formation on the surface of protective film, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to hot and pollution.

When consumer is choosing this kind of board type furniture, besides want to take into account colour and grain satisfaction, still can discern exterior quality from a few respects: have without spot, Nick, indentation, pore, color burnish is even, have phenomenon of bubble, have without local paper tear or defect phenomenon to wait a moment.If the veneer is cracked or damaged, the following methods can be used to repair: first put a wet cloth in the damaged place, and then put a hot iron on the wet cloth, forcing the moisture into the veneer, so that the veneer becomes very tough and not easy to crack.Can scrape old glue clean first so, besmear on basic level lumber next a milky white glue, the reverse side that takes off to stick a face in loose again besmear a new glue, compaction, wait for glue to be done completely can.


Melamine plate is light, mildew proof, fire resistant, heat resistant, earthquake resistant, easy to clean, renewable, fully in line with the established policy of energy saving and consumption reduction, the protection of ecology, so the industry also called it ecological plate.In addition to solid wood furniture, all kinds of high-grade board furniture have melamine board participation.In the high end of the overall wardrobe to add melamine board can effectively prevent the use of formaldehyde and urea formaldehyde resin as a preservative to bring about environmental pollution problems, in addition to the melamine board can replace wooden board, aluminum plastic board made into a mirror, high wear resistance, anti-static, relief, metal and other finishes.

Melamine board, referred to as melamine board, its pavement on the surface of particleboard, moisture-proof board, medium density fiberboard or hard fiberboard, by hot pressing from the decorative board.In the production process, is generally composed of several layers of paper, the amount according to the use.

The performance of medium density plate is better than the latter.The internal structure of medium density board is uniform, the binding force is greater than particle board, the deformation is small, the surface flatness is good, the nail-holding force is strong.Accordingly, the melamine board that does base material with medium density board is more sturdy and durable, can develop board type furniture to resist more the characteristic that assemble.Particle board texture is relatively loose, lower cost than the former.


Melamine itself is very small toxicity, relatively stable, curing will not free toxicity.Melamine slabs of wood for making furniture depends on whether there is air pollution melamine plate used by Micronesia board or particieboard base material, if the base material of formaldehyde release a quantity to meet environmental standards, melamine is not adding material contamination, no smell, melamine plate produce odor is inferior quality of MDF, coating or additives used binder contains substances such as formaldehyde sends out.Want to find the plank that does not exist formaldehyde completely is to do not have, but the accumulation of a variety of furniture makes the house formaldehyde after decorating easily exceeds bid, because this wants to maintain ventilated after decorating a few months, wait for the harmful gas in air to achieve national level to be moved in again



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