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What is the glue applicator?

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A machine that uniformly coats the adhesive quantitatively on the surface of a wood-based panel, including a veneer. Types include roller coating machines, spray coating machines, spray coating machines, extrusion coating machines, etc., as well as sizing equipment suitable for film and rubber powder. The most widely used is the roller coating machine, which can be used for the coating of synthetic resin glue, animal protein glue and vegetable protein glue. According to the arrangement method of the roller, it can be divided into a two-roll coater, a four-roll coater, a single-face coater and the like.

1.The two-roller gluing machine is the glue applicator for the lower glue. The lower roller carries the glue and transfers it to the upper roller. The veneer passes between the two rollers and is glued on both sides. The amount of glue applied is adjusted by the gap between the two rolls; another factor affecting the amount of glue applied is the form and number of grooves on the surface of the roll, usually expressed by the pitch of the groove, the width of the groove and the size of the groove depth.

2.The four-roller gluing machine is a gluing machine for the upper glue. Before and after the upper and lower rubber rollers, there are... a rubberizing roller, and the rubberizing roller controls the amount of glue, and overcomes the two rollers. The glue applicator has the disadvantage of a large amount of glue applied and an inconsistent amount of glue applied on the upper and lower sides. There are glue conveying device and glue tank water cooling circulation system on the four-roller coating machine.

3.The principle of single-sided coating machine is the same as the four-roller coating machine. The machine has only one rubberizing roller, which precisely adjusts the distance between the upper roller and the rubberizing roller and the distance between the upper and lower rollers. It can apply a uniform adhesive layer on one surface of the artificial board to meet the surface processing requirements.

The principle of the coating machine is to make the glue flow out through the slits to form a film, a veneer or a wood-based board through the film. This machine is suitable for the coating of synthetic resin glue. The amount of glue applied is affected by the viscosity of the glue and the room temperature. The size of the gap can be adjusted to adjust the amount of glue applied. This machine has a large amount of glue, which is generally used for the production of thick plywood or the surface of wood-based panels.

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