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What is hot press heating equipment? Does it have radiation?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-07-17      Origin: Site

1. What is the heating equipment in the hot press? 

A: The heating equipment in the hot press, the first is in the hot-pressing die or hot-pressed plate embedded in the electric heating rod to be heated, so can directly heating, so can reduce heat loss. However, it is also flawed, mainly because of the uneven heating temperature, and the control temperature can not be very accurate. Moreover, the electric heating rods used are easily burnt out.

Therefore, there is indirect heating, mainly in the hot-pressing plate on the hot runner, and then through the heat-conducting oil heaters to heat, so as to overcome the above shortcomings, but the heat loss will be slightly larger, but the impact is not very large, so now most of the use of this way.

2. Is there any radiation in the hot press? A: Any machine equipment, there is a certain amount of radiation, and some radiation is not necessarily harmful. For Hot Press, its radiation is mainly thermal radiation, not radiation.

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