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What is a veneer dryer?

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The veneer dryer is the main equipment for producing plywood, also called the mesh belt veneer dryer. The moisture content of the veneers that have just been cut down is very high. The veneer dryer is mainly used for the drying of veneers. It is economical and minimizes the loss of the plates to reduce the moisture content of the veneers. Process required process. The veneer dryer is composed of a transmission chamber, a drying chamber, a cooling chamber and the like.

The veneer is a component of plywood, and its quality determines the quality and cost of the plywood. The drying of the veneer is to make the final moisture content of the veneer after drying to meet the process requirements, so as to ensure the plywood has good bonding strength, reduce the deformation of the plywood and the degree of surface cracking. Therefore, veneer drying is an important process in the production process of plywood. The veneer dryer is the key equipment. The mesh belt type veneer dryer uses the upper and lower metal mesh belts to clamp and convey the veneer, and uses hot air or gas as the drying medium to evaporate the moisture in the veneer by the lateral circulation of the drying medium, thereby realizing the drying of the veneer. device. The mesh belt type single board dryer is more suitable for the first dry back cutting process in the production of plywood.

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