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What is a sander

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A sander is a machine that cuts an endless belt in a tensioned state through a set of axes parallel to the roller.

Its main role: First, sanding the pre-interlayer of the wood-based panel, the second is to achieve the thickness requirements of the sheet, and the third is to use the grinding method to achieve the flatness and smoothness of the market.

Now China's wide-band sander is widely used in various types of wood-based panel production lines to replace the roller sander that used sand belts to wind the outer surface of the roller 30 years ago. In contrast, the wide-band sanding machine has the advantages of simple process, high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality and large production capacity.

Compared with the ordinary woodworking sander, the wood-based wide-band sander has the following characteristics: First, it corresponds to the width of the wood-based panel processing, and has developed from a minimum of 4' to 8', and the widest has reached 11';

Second, in addition to thin plywood, which also uses single-sided sanding, medium-density fiberboard, particleboard, thick plywood and blockboard use double-sided sanding;

Third, in order to meet the requirements of the production capacity of the wood-based panel production line, the power of the sand frame is much larger than that of the ordinary woodworking sander;

Fourth, it usually runs in the form of several sanding machines. The requirements for reliability and coordination are higher than those for single machines.

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