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What is a multi-layer hot press?

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A hot press machine that pressurizes a plurality of sets of slabs by a plurality of hot platens. It is the most widely used host in the wood-based panel industry. Fully called multi-layer heating hydraulic press. This equipment is also commonly used in the woodworking industry for pressing molded articles and curved wood.

Commonly used pressurized media for hot presses are petroleum-based hydraulic fluids and water-based working fluids. The heat medium for heating the workpiece is usually saturated steam, and hot water, hot oil and organic heat carrier are also used. Resistance heating or high frequency heating is used for special purposes. The steam injection method that has appeared in recent years is suitable for heating thick workpieces.

The multi-layer hot press has a large number of layers and a large-format hot press generally also has a loading and unloading machine. Some hot presses also have a simultaneous closing mechanism. The machine takes the web size and gross tonnage of the processed product as the main performance parameters.

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