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What are the working principles and specific contents of installation and commissioning of hydraulic cold presses?

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There are many types of hydraulic woodworking cold presses on the market, usually screw type and hydraulic type. The characteristics of the hydraulic cold press are low noise and fast lifting speed. When the hydraulic cold press is in use, it is necessary to carry out equipment and debugging operations to ensure that the cold press is debugged to a good state of operation. Some customers leave a message to ask questions about this aspect, today Xiaobian will lead us to follow our staff to learn it.

Working principle of the hydraulic cold press:

The hydraulic press requires the master cylinder to complete the basic operation cycle of rapidly descending, deceleration limiting, pressure holding delay, pressure relief return, and intermittent (any orientation) according to the limiting process, and the pressure, speed and pressure holding time need to be able to be scheduled. The ejection hydraulic cylinder is mainly used to eject the workpiece, and it is required to finish the ejection, retreat, and intermittent action. For example, when the thin plate is stretched, it is required to assist the hydraulic cylinder to lift, intermittent, and pressure return stroke. Sometimes it is necessary to use a blank holder to compress the blank to avoid wrinkling around.

The hydraulic machine takes the larger pressure (tonnage) that may be output by the primary actuator (master cylinder) in the main motion as the primary specification of the hydraulic machine and has been serialized. The tonnage of the jacking cylinder is usually 20% -50% of that of the main cylinder. The ejector cylinder of the extruder can use about 10% of the primary tonnage. The tonnage of the blank holder of the double-acting stretching hydraulic machine is generally about 60% of the tonnage of the stretching cylinder.

The speed of the master cylinder is confirmed by the pressure processing technology requirements. Generally, in the hydraulic system directly supplied by the pump, the working stroke speed does not exceed 50mm / s, the fast forward speed does not exceed 300mm / s, and the hydraulic machine rewinds and fast forwards The speed is flat.

Equipment and debugging of the hydraulic cold press:

The length of the pressure holding time can be set according to practical needs: first select the time mode: "hour h. Minute M. second S". You can set "99.99 hours" for larger time values. After the holding pressure timer ends, the buzzer sounds to indicate that the workpiece has been pressed. It is forbidden to set the time to "0000".

Before the hydraulic cold press presses the workpiece, it is necessary to select the correct placement according to the practice size and height of the workpiece and prohibit the left and right and front and back deflection. The left and right and front and back uneven pressurized workpiece.

Before the actual operation of the cold press, a detailed and comprehensive inspection must be carried out to ensure safe operation:

Check whether the safety protection equipment is correct. Sturdy and reliable. Check the transmission of the machine tool and whether the connecting parts are tight. Check whether the hydraulic system pressure is normal. Whether the oil pump is turned correctly. Check if the lifting movement is reliable. In the end, operate the empty machine once to see if the entire program moves correctly and place the workpiece in the correct way.

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