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What are the main classifications of hydraulic presses

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What are the main classifications of hydraulic presses? Let's look at the editors for you:

1. According to the structure form, it is mainly divided into four-column type, single-column type (C type), horizontal type, vertical frame, universal hydraulic machine, etc.

2. Mainly divided into metal forming, bending, stretching, punching, powder (metallic, non-metallic) forming, press-fitting, extrusion, etc.

The following are several common hydraulic machines on the market:

1. Hot forging hydraulic machine Large forging hydraulic machine is forging equipment capable of completing various free forging processes and is one of the most widely used equipment in the forging industry. At present, there are forging hydraulic presses of 800T, 1600T, 2000T, 2500T, 3150T, 4000T, 5000T, and other specifications.

2. Four-column hydraulic press The hydraulic press is suitable for the pressing process of plastic materials. Such as powder product molding, plastic product molding, cold (hot) extrusion metal molding, sheet stretching, and lateral pressure, bending pressure, turning, correction, and other processes. The four-column hydraulic press can be divided into a four-post two-beam hydraulic press, four-post three-beam hydraulic press, four-post four-beam hydraulic press, etc.

3. The single-arm hydraulic press (single-column hydraulic press) can extend the working range, use three-sided space, lengthen the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder (optional), the maximum expansion can be 260mm-800mm, the working pressure can be preset; the hydraulic system cooling device.

4. Gantry hydraulic press can assemble, disassemble, straighten, calender, stretch, bend, punch, etc. the machine parts, and truly realize one machine with multiple uses. The working table of the machine can move up and down, the size expands the opening and closing height of the machine, and the use is more convenient.

5. Double-column hydraulic press This series of products are suitable for the press-fitting, bending, and shaping of various types of parts, embossing and indentation, flanging, punching, and shallow drawing of small parts; the molding process of metal powder products. Adopt electric control, with inching and semi-automatic circulation, can keep pressure delay, and has good slider guidance, easy to operate, easy to maintain, economic, and durable. According to the user's needs, additional functions such as thermal instruments, ejector cylinders, stroke digital display, and counting can be added.

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