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What are the hot and cold presses used separately?

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【Hot Press】

A hot press is a process in which two parts of a pre-good flux tinned are heated to a temperature sufficient to melt and flow the solder. After curing, a permanent electromechanical connection between the part and the solder is formed. Should be different products, the heating rate can be selected. The titanium alloy indenter ensures an average temperature, fast heating and long service life. The indenter is specially designed with a horizontal adjustment to ensure that the components are pressured evenly. The temperature is numerically controlled and clear and precise. A digital pressure gauge is available to preset the pressure range.

Fields of use: 1. Mobile phone manufacturers 2. Touch screen manufacturers 3. Computers 4. Printers 5. Membrane switches, etc.

[Cold press]

Cold press, ie cold dryer compressor. The amount of water vapor in the compressed air is determined by the temperature of the compressed air: reducing the temperature of the compressed air reduces the amount of water vapor in the compressed air while maintaining the constant pressure of the compressed air, and the excess water vapor will condense. Into a liquid. The dryer (refrigerated dryer) uses this principle to use refrigeration technology to dry compressed air.

Field of use: For the production of furniture, speakers, wood, decoration, plastic, flat plywood, plywood, particle board, veneer and other wooden glued parts. High production efficiency and good quality, suitable for the production of wood parts in various furniture production units and other industries.

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