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What are the hazards of lubricating woodworking cold presses in time?

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Woodworking cold press is a complete set of woodworking machinery equipment that general hot press manufacturers and furniture factories will equip. It is mainly used for leveling and shaping furniture, and it can also make the adhesion between the plates more robust and the pressure is weak. Pull back.

The defect of the smooth part of the carpenter cold press is not a problem of the smooth system itself, but it can also cause the defect of the system. For example, the selection of the piston ring structure at the cylinder and improper processing equipment can constitute many oil running phenomena; abnormal leakage at the shaft seal will also cause the oil level in the crankcase to drop significantly, resulting in the suction of oil; connecting rod size head bearing and front and rear main bearing equipment with too little space, smooth oil is too dirty, and smooth oil deterioration will increase the conflict and wear of moving parts; when the cylinder wear is severe, high and low-pressure blow-by will appear, resulting in crankcase heating, oil temperature rise, smooth oil viscosity Decline, constitute a vicious cycle of smooth conditions and smooth system defects.

The first signs of the normal operation of the smooth system of the carpenter cold press are:

1. The oil pressure gauge indicates stability, and the indicated pressure is higher than the suction pressure by 0.05 to 0.3 MPa for the piston cold press and should be 0.2 to 0.3 MPa higher than the condensing pressure for the screw cold press.

2. The oil temperature in the crankcase should be maintained between 10 and 65 ° C, and the suitable operating temperature is 35 to 55 ° C.

3. The oil level in the crankcase should be high enough and should be stable for a long time.

4. The filter element of the oil filter should not be clogged. The fine oil filter with differential pressure transmission should have a blocking indication.

The common defects of the smooth system are the lack of pressure of the oil pump, the failure of pressure regulation, and the violent shaking of the pressure gauge pointer. The primary reasons are:

1. The oil temperature in the crankcase is too low, the opening of the frozen smooth oil is too large, the filter screen of the pump inlet oil filter is too dense, the filter element is clogged, and the oil level is too low.

2. The oil pump is operated for a long time, the wear of the pump is severe, the internal leakage is too large, and the volume effect is significantly reduced.

3. The pressure regulating spool is stuck in the open position or the tension spring of the pressure regulating valve fails.

4. The system is severely leaking.

Therefore, the analysis of the defects of the smooth system should be comprehensive, that is, in addition to the problems of the smooth system itself, the operation status of the cold press should be checked, analyzed, and judged.

When the woodworking cold press is in operation, each component will have more loss. Some carpenter cold presses that are used daily require smoothness, and those that are not often used need smoother. It is assumed that the smooth operation of the carpenter cold press will damage the cold press. When the smooth operation is done, the service life of the carpenter cold press can be extended to a relative degree.

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