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What are the boiler cleaning methods?

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Boiler cleaning is divided into mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning. Mechanical cleaning is manual, high pressure water gun cleaning! Chemical cleaning is acid cleaning. You must find a qualified manufacturer. You must have an environmental protection unit with a qualification certificate.

In order to operate the boiler system in an optimized state, special chemical treatments must be performed on the water system of the boiler system: removal of scale, rust and corrosion protection:

1. Chemical cleaning: adding chemical cleaning agent to clean and discharge the floating rust, scale and oil in the system, and reduce it to a clean metal surface;

2, daily maintenance: add GR-943C boiler scale inhibitor, to avoid metal rust, prevent calcium and magnesium ions crystal precipitation.

The cleaning of the boiler is divided into two parts, one part is the boiler convection tube, the superheater tube, the air heater, the water wall tube scale and the rust cleaning, that is, the boiler water is treated with water quality.

The high-pressure water jet cleaning technology uses water as a medium to produce multi-beam, multi-angle, high-strength high-pressure water jets through a special equipment system. Thorough cutting, crushing, squeezing and scouring the internal scale, blockage or surface attachment of the cleaning object for complete cleaning. No matter what scale deposits, such as rust, iron oxide scale, resin, chemical residues, paint or epoxy resin, it can be completely removed by high-pressure water jet cleaning equipment to reveal its metallic color. No chemicals, fluxes or corrosives are required, safe and environmentally friendly.

Blockage of the boiler air preheater, water wall, superheater, economizer and other heating surfaces will cause the exhaust gas temperature to rise, the boiler efficiency to decrease, and the power consumption of the induced draft fan to increase; the blockage will cause the fan to pull the negative pressure, the furnace oxygen Not enough, the boiler was forced to stop. With high-pressure water jet technology, the cleaning effect is very obvious.

The equipment consists of a high-pressure water pump, an inlet hose, a high-pressure gun, and a special nozzle.

Cleaning process: After the tap water is pressurized to 50-100Mpa by the high-pressure pump, it is sent to the actuator on the working surface through the pipeline system. The high-pressure water is injected by the nozzle to form a bundle of high-pressure water jet with extremely strong impact capability. Its export speed can be as high as 380m / s, flushing the scale on the heated surface.

The cleaning technology has the characteristics of high cleaning water pressure, convenient adjustment, no corrosion to the equipment to be cleaned, no pollution, and obvious effects, and is a good method for saving time, labor, and money, and is particularly suitable for solving the air precondition. The blockage of the device and the coking and slagging of the furnace surface are severe. Generally, the exhaust gas temperature can be lowered by 4 to 12 degrees, the temperature of the main and reheat steam can be increased by 0.5 to 5 degrees, the power consumption of the induced draft fan can be reduced, and the hidden dangers such as creeping and scale corrosion can be discovered early, and the safety and economic operation of the unit are very good. help.

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