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What about the mechanical properties of copper clad laminate hot press?

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Copper-clad laminate hot press is suitable for processing all kinds of blockboard and solid wood board. Now many building material manufacturers are using copper-clad laminate hot press. Since there are so many manufacturers using this kind of machinery, it is definitely with its many advantages. Make inseparable. Then some customers may ask, what is the mechanical performance of it, the professional manufacturers will answer it for you below.

The aluminum-clad laminate hot press uses an aluminum substrate, which has better thermal conductivity, shielding performance, and lightweight. It has now become the primary choice for many metal substrates. The most widely used aluminum clad laminate on the market today.

The main advantage of the copper-clad laminate hot press is its excellent heat dissipation. The previous multi-layer double-sided board had a large power during operation, and the heat could not be dissipated in time, which caused some accessories to be damaged during operation. It will take up a lot of space. The aluminum-based copper-clad board can solve these problems and has many advantages.

In addition to good heat dissipation, the copper-clad hot press can shield electromagnetic signals and interference sources, which improves the durability and reliability of the device as a whole.

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