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Vacuum hot press equipment operation mode

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Vacuum hot press equipment is used more and more with the popularity of the hot press industry. In different occasions, manufacturers provide detailed operation and use instructions in the sales of vacuum hot press, which is beneficial to users. Get to know the machine's operation quickly. Let's briefly introduce a few points:

The working methods of the hot press equipment include manual and automatic control modes. In the manual mode, jog adjustment can be performed to debug the mold and test the pressure. In the automatic mode, the product can be semi-automatically completed.

The working mode of the hot press includes pressure mode and position mode. When the automatic operation is performed in the pressure mode, the upper mold is pressed down according to the given pressure value. There is no limit function for the pressing down until it reaches the workpiece, and the pressing time is up. When in automatic operation in position mode, the upper die is pressed at the given pressing position and pressed at the maximum pressure value. When it is pressed down to the set position, the positioning and holding pressure are maintained, and the holding time is up.

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