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Use of Silica Gel Cushion on Plywood Hot Press

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Use of Silica Gel Cushion on Plywood Hot Press

In the process of making plywood, if you want to make the floor, wooden doors and furniture more durable, you need to use a plywood hot press to strengthen. In this process, silicone cushions are also needed. The silicone cushion will be installed between the stainless steel plate and the hot pressing plate to evenly transfer the working temperature and working pressure of the hot pressing plate. Moreover, the use of silicone cushions can also make the paper veneer and the substrate more densely bonded, and finally achieve a uniform and smooth effect. In addition, the silicone cushion can also protect the template and compensate for the error of the pressing plate to ensure the normal operation of the plywood hot press.

Silicone cushion can have so many applications and its own excellent properties are inseparable. In the daily use process, do not contaminate the surface of the silicone cushion, so as not to shorten its service life and affect its use effect. 

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