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​The main components of hydraulic cold press

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The main components of hydraulic cold press

Mainly consists of: hydraulic system, electrical control system, pressure plate and fuselage.

Oil pressure system: consists of cylinder, fuel tank, oil pump, oil pump motor, control valve block and pressure gauge. The oil tank is filled with oil, and the oil pump electrically drives the oil pump to realize the pump oil, and the oil is sent to the oil cylinder through the connecting oil pipe to make the oil cylinder work. Its overflow valve enables the pressing piece to be squeezed

Back pressure is generated during the pressing process, which plays a stationary role and electromagnetic ball. The valve is used to maintain the pressure set by the system, and the pressure gauge is used to display the pressure.

Electrical control system: mainly consists of main circuit and control circuit. The circuit adopts automatic circuit breaker, fuse and AC contactor to carry out overload, short circuit, voltage loss and under voltage protection for the press motor and solenoid valve.

Platen balance mechanism: mainly by balance lifting rack, lifting gear, rotating shaft. The fixed rotating bearing is composed of two left and right balance racks mounted on the body. A lifting gear is fixed at both ends of the rotating shaft, and bearings are arranged at both ends of the rotating shaft so as to be flexible with the rotating shaft

Turn. When the pressure plate is lifted and lowered, the lifting gear does not balance the rack and rotates together, so that the pressure plate is always balanced during the lifting process.

Pressure plate: consists of upper and lower pressure plates. The upper and lower pressure plates are welded by profiles and steel plates, and the working plane is finished by large-scale gantry milling machine to ensure smooth and smooth working plane. The upper pressure plate is connected to the cylinder rod of the cylinder, and the pressure plate is realized by the lifting of the oil cylinder

Lifting. The lower platen is welded directly to the base of the fuselage. Make the structure of the whole machine tight.

Body: welded with sheet steel, compact structure and good strength.


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