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Test procedure for laminating hot press

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(1) Test

Start the oil pump motor and observe whether these are running normally. After repeating for several times, it can operate for a period of time without load. Then, charging the oil to the pipelines of each cylinder, let the hot press to move. Meanwhile, open the air plug. After expelling any residual air, please tightening the air plug. Operate the plunger for 20 times and check the following items:

①There is no impact and creeping phenomena for plunger which is flexible and stable.

②To move and work should be smooth, harmonious and reliable for other devices.

③There is no leakage for hydraulic pressure, heating, and cooling system.

④There is no block and interference phenomenon for the hot platen and a steam pipe. Check there is no fault for cylinder, please carry out the next action.

(2) Low-load cycle test

Without the steam, put a specified size of the board above the down hot plate for cycle test, which is to make sure whether all moving parts, signal elements, and pressure instruments work normally. Please check that the working pressure is 15MPa.

(3) Load cycle test

Pressurize the pressure to 20 and 25MPa gradually, the tests should be more than 3 times. Eliminate the cylinders leakage and check all movable stands working well.

3. An operation for other supporting equipment

 ① When clicking on all the buttons, observe the devices of work conditions of the forward, return and stop and check the cylinder and sucker; After the completion of the preparatory work, make sure that every single unit is correct.

② Heating system test

Pour into the oil slowly to make the temperature rising at  60 ℃, 90 ℃, 120 ℃, 150℃ gradually. The holding time is 20 min. Check whether the hot plate and pipe welds are good. When everything is well, continue to rise to the desired temperature.

 ③ After the above test, please carry out low rate initial production, then you can adjust the precise parameters from the pressure, the temperature and the time.


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