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Solution for analyzing air bubbles on the surface of hydraulic cylinder parts of hydraulic press 1

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When the surface of the hydraulic cylinder portion of the hydraulic press moves relative to the hydraulic oil, the gas dissolved in the hydraulic oil is likely to settle and form bubbles. These bubbles burst after flowing into the high-pressure area, and the instantaneous high-temperature and high-pressure micro-spray and impact force repeatedly act on the surface of the hydraulic cylinder component of the four-column hydraulic machine, causing cavitation on the part surface. The conditions of the cavitation of the hydraulic cylinder of the four-column hydraulic machine are related to the structure of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic cylinder components of the four-column hydraulic machine, the quality of the hydraulic oil, maintenance, and repair.

A hydraulic press is a device that uses hydraulic transmission technology for pressure processing and can be used to perform various forging and compression molding processes. For example, forged steel, molding of metal structural parts, pressing of plastic products and rubber products. The hydraulic press is one of the first machines to apply hydraulic transmission. At present, the hydraulic transmission has become the main transmission form of pressure processing machinery. Hydraulic presses have become important equipment for heavy machinery manufacturing, aerospace, plastics, and non-ferrous metal processing industries.

The hydraulic transmission system of the hydraulic press is mainly based on pressure conversion, the system pressure is large, the flow is large, and the power is large. Therefore, special attention should be paid to improve the power utilization of the prime mover to prevent shock and vibration during the decompression process to ensure safety and reliability.

According to the pressing process, the hydraulic machine can complete the rapid descent, deceleration, pressure retention delay, back pressure return, stop (any position), pressure, speed and pressure, speed, and basic working cycle. The hold time can be adjusted. The injection hydraulic cylinder is mainly used to inject the workpiece and needs to perform injection, retreat and stop actions. For example, when the sheet is stretched, auxiliary movements such as lifting, stopping, and pressure return of the hydraulic cylinder are required. Sometimes it is necessary to press the blank with a crimping roller to prevent the peripheral wrinkles. The hydraulic machine uses the large pressure (tonnage) that the main actuator (master cylinder) can output in the main motion as the main specification of the hydraulic machine, and has been serialized.

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