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Sheet cold press

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The plate cold press type is used to press the furniture panels, wooden doors, various plates, and the flattening and shaping of the furniture. It can make the bond between the plates more firm. The pressure is strong and does not return. The plate top of the general sheet cold press is at 1.25*2.5M.

The working form of woodworking cold press can be roughly divided into: screw type and hydraulic type. The performance of general hydraulic cold presses is good in all aspects.

The screw type cold press has a large working noise, and the lifting speed is slower than the hydraulic pressure.

The hydraulic cold press has low operating noise and fast lifting speed. However, if the hydraulic system is rough, oil leakage will occur. A good quality hydraulic system can better solve the problem of oil seal. For the hydraulic system, Xinhuacheng uses imported parts and cold press systems. For Xinhuacheng's hydraulic system should be used for decades without any problem.

Ordinary household plants generally have plate cold presses. Used for pressing plywood, multi-layer board, solid wood door, steel wood door, etc.


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