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Sander machine construction

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The utility model is mainly composed of a base, a grinding wheel, an electric motor or other power source, a bracket, a protective cover and a water supply device. The grinding wheel is arranged on the top surface of the base, and the inside of the base has a space for accommodating a power source, and the power is provided. The source drive has a reducer, and the reducer has a drive shaft passing through the top surface of the base for fixing the grinding wheel, and the base corresponding to the bottom of the grinding wheel has a concave water collecting area, and the water collecting area extends outward to the first-class road, and the water feeder is It is disposed above one side of the grinding wheel, and has a space for containing water and liquid in the water feeder, and a water outlet is provided on one side of the water heater corresponding to the grinding wheel. The overall transmission mechanism is very simple and perfect, which makes the grinding process more convenient and smooth and improves the grinding efficiency of the whole grinder.

The grinding wheel is brittle and the speed is very high. The safety operation rules should be strictly observed when using.

1. The direction of rotation of the grinder should be correct, and the grinding debris can only fly downwards away from the grinding wheel.

2. After the grinder is started, it should be ground after the grinder rotates smoothly. If the grinder jumps obviously, it should be shut down and repaired in time.

3. A distance of 3 mm should be maintained between the grinder bracket and the grinding wheel to prevent accidents caused by the insertion of the workpiece.

4. When grinding, it should stand on the side of the grinder, and the force should not be too large.

5. According to the instructions for the grinding wheel, select the grinding wheel that matches the number of revolutions of the grinding machine.

6. The new collar's grinding wheel must have a factory certificate or check the test mark. If the quality, hardness, particle size and appearance of the grinding wheel are found to be cracked before installation, it cannot be used.

7. When installing the grinding wheel, the clearance between the inner hole of the grinding wheel and the main shaft should not be too tight, and should be controlled according to the technical requirements of loose fit, generally between 0.05 and 0.10 mm.

8. The two sides of the grinding wheel shall be equipped with a flange, the diameter of which shall not be less than one third of the diameter of the grinding wheel. The gasket shall be padded between the grinding wheel and the flange.

9. When tightening the nut, use a special wrench, it can't be tightened too tightly. It is forbidden to hammer with hard things to prevent the grinding wheel from being broken.

10. After the grinding wheel is installed, install the protective cover, baffle and bracket. The gap between the baffle and the bracket and the grinding wheel should be kept within 1 to 3 mm and slightly lower than the center of the grinding wheel.

11. When the new wheel is started, don't worry too much. Check it first, and then use it after 5~10 minutes.

12. Do not use excessive force during the initial grinding to avoid accidents caused by uneven force on the grinding wheel.

13. It is forbidden to grind copper, lead, wood, etc., in case the wheel is stuck.

14. When sharpening the knife, people should stand on the side of the grinder, and they are not allowed to sharpen the knife on one wheel at the same time.

15. Tools with a long sharpening time should be cooled in time to prevent hot hands.

16. Regularly adjust the balance of the surface of the grinding wheel to maintain a good condition.

17. Sharpeners should wear protective glasses.

18. The vacuum cleaner must be in good condition. If it is found to be faulty, it should be repaired in time. Otherwise, the knife should be stopped.

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