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Safe operation of natural gas steam boilers

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1. Anyone who operates the boiler must be familiar with the performance of the boiler being operated and related safety knowledge, and be certified to work. Non-employee personnel are strictly prohibited from operating. The duty personnel should carefully record the operation records and handover records in strict accordance with the regulations, and the handover safety should be carried out in the handover class. Check if the boiler is in good condition when handing over the shift.

2. The boiler and safety accessories shall be inspected and qualified, and within the validity period.

3. Prepare before starting the furnace

(1) Check whether the gas pressure is normal in the gas furnace, do not over- or under-low, open the supply gate of oil and gas;

(2) Check if the water pump is watered, otherwise open the air release valve until it reaches the water. Open the door of the water supply system (including the front and rear of the pump and the water supply door of the boiler);

(3) Check the water level gauge, the water level should be in the normal position, the water level gauge and the water level color plug should be in the open position to prevent the false water level, if the water shortage can be manually watered;

(4) Check the valve on the pressure pipe, it must be opened, and the windshield on the flue must be fully opened;

(5) Check that each knob on the control cabinet is in the normal position;

(6) Check that the steam boiler outlet valve should be in the closed state, and the hot water boiler circulating water pump outlet valve should also be in the closed state;

(7) Check whether the softened water equipment is operating normally, and whether the various indicators of the soft water produced meet the national standards.

4. Start the furnace operation

1) steam boiler (1) Open the main power supply; (2) Start the burner; (3) The vent valve on the drum, when the steam is completely steamed, close it; (4) Check the boiler manhole, hand hole flange and valve, find the leak Fasten, if it is leaked after tightening, stop the furnace for maintenance; (5) When the air pressure rises 0.05~0.1MPA, replenish water, drain, check the test water supply system and sewage device, and flush the water level table; (6) When the air pressure rises to 0.1~0.15MPA Flush the pressure gauge water trap; (7) When the air pressure rises to 0.3MPA, the “load fire/small fire” knob is turned to “big fire” to enhance combustion; (8) When the air pressure rises to 2/3 running pressure, the warm air supply is started. Slowly open the main steam valve to avoid water hammer; (9) Close the steam valve when it is completely steamed; (10) After all the drain valves are closed, slowly open the main air valve to fully open and then rotate half a turn; (11) "Burner Control" Turn the knob to “Auto”; (12) Water level adjustment: adjust the water level according to the load (manual start and stop feed pump), the water level should be slightly higher than the normal water level when the load is low, and the water level should be slightly lower than the normal water level when the load is high; (13) Steam pressure regulation : Regulate combustion according to load ( Dynamic regulation of fire / small fire); (14) Judgment of combustion conditions, according to the color of the flame, the color of the smoke to determine the amount of air atomization; (15) To observe the exhaust temperature, the smoke temperature is generally controlled between 220--250 ° C, while observing the row of chimney The temperature and concentration of the smoke will adjust the combustion to the optimum state.

2) The hot water boiler (1) Turns on the main power supply; (2) Starts the circulation pump; (3) Slowly opens the circulation pump outlet valve; (4) Starts the burner; (5) After 15 minutes, the "load fire/small fire" color button turns to the "big fire" (6) " The burner control knob is turned to "automatic".

5. Normal shutdown: hot water boiler A normal shutdown: hot water boiler; (1) "Load fire / small fire" knob to "small fire"; (2) Close the burner;(3) Close the fuel supply valve; (4) Closed flue baffle 5 After the boiler water temperature drops to 50 °C, close the circulation pump outlet valve. 

6. Stop the circulating pump steam boiler (1) "Load fire / small fire" position; (2) Shut down the burner; (3) When the steam pressure drops to 0.05-0.1MPA for sewage; (4) Close the main steam valve; (5) Manually replenish water to slightly higher water level; (6)Bi water supply valve; (7) Closed combustion supply valve; (8) Closed flue baffle; (9) Closed main power supply B emergency shutdown hot water boiler (1) closed boiler inlet and outlet valves; (2) Open emergency discharge valve and emergency water supply valve; (3) Turn off the main power switch; (4) Notify the superior leader; Steam boiler (1) Closes the main steam valve; (2) Closes the main power supply; (3) Notifies the superior leader.

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