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Veneer dryer is the main equipment for producing plywood, also called roller veneer dryer. The moisture content of the veneer that has just been peeled off is very high. The veneer dryer is mainly used for drying the veneer. It is an economical and small loss to the board to reduce the moisture content of the veneer to achieve Process required by the process. The veneer dryer is composed of transmission room, drying room, cooling room and other parts. This equipment has a small one-time investment and highlights the cost-effective advantage. It is a high-tech product with a new concept. It effectively solves the main problems of wood drying in the drying process, such as difficult drying, long drying cycle, uneven drying, easy cracking, deformation and low yield rate.

The veneer dryer generates heat on the board itself through the burning of waste wood, which can solve the temperature gradient and moisture content gradient in the drying process. The temperature of the whole wood is basically the same. The water is discharged from the inside to the outside at the same time so that the expansion and contraction coefficient of the wood is basically the same, so that the wood can avoid deformation, cracking, drying, carbonization and other losses during the drying process, and can improve the yield of the wood.

Roller veneer dryer uses pressurized contact veneer drying technology, which has the advantages of simple operation, safe and practical, stable operation, easy maintenance, hot pressing-leveling-drying in one time. The hot air recycling greatly reduces the operating cost of the enterprise, improves the quality of the board, and increases the production volume. The rollers have an ironing effect on the veneer. The dried veneer is smooth and has a relatively uniform moisture content. When the veneer is between the two sets of rollers, it can shrink freely in the transverse direction, reducing the occurrence of cracks, and the drying quality is good. The heat dissipation process is carried out in a flat state. During the benign physical process of wood shrinkage, the veneer does not warp and deform, the damage rate is low, and the yield rate is high.

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