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Relevant Knowledge of Hot Press Plate

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-10      Origin: Site

Hot pressing plate is the central setting of hot press. Whether its function is outstanding or not will directly affect the quality of slab surface. So today let's learn something about hot pressing. A kind of
 In order to adhere to the outstanding function of the hot press, it is necessary to maintain the hot press board; for example, the lining board and the hot press board are often sandwiched with wood bundles and other dirt, and the lining board should be removed regularly. The lining plate of the hot press is usually changed once a week in order to polish the appearance and ensure the surface quality of the products. When installing the upper lining board, the wooden bundle must be padded well before pressing. The damaged slabs of different sizes should not be fed into the hot press. No direct pressing of fiberboard without liner is allowed. The steam condensate in the hot-press plate should be removed in time to avoid internal rust and the hot-press plate is not hot in part (or all), indicating that the internal passage is blocked. Or the channel has the appearance of "short circuit". A kind of
As long as the function of the hot press center is guaranteed, the function of the whole machine can be guaranteed.

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