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Reasons for degumming of plywood hot press

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A: Reasons for degumming of plywood hot press

1. The quality of the glue is too poor;

2. The amount of glue applied is not enough, or the glue applied is uneven;

3. The pressure given by the plywood hot press is not good. Maybe the temperature is too low, or it may be that the hot pressing time of the plywood hot press for the refrigerated compartment board is too short;

4. Too deep burr groove marks on the veneer may be due to too high moisture content;

5. The aging time is too long, causing the glue to dry. Perhaps the aging time is too short, making it impossible to form successive films.

B: Glue treatment method for plywood hot press

Carefully check the quality of the glue and purchase good glue; pay attention to the uniformity and moderateness of the glue; appropriately increase the temperature and the pressure of the plywood hot press to extend the hot pressing time; carefully control the aging time; improve the veneer peeling quality ; Pay attention to the maintenance of the veneer so that its moisture content is within the regular scale. Secondly, there is indentation on the surface of the board. The reason for this phenomenon is that the surface of the backing board may be uneven. The backing board of the refrigerated compartment board plywood hot press should be replaced in time. It may also be that there are rubber blocks or sundries on the surface of the backing board. Just clean it up. When the plywood hot press is working, any doubts will affect the quality of the plywood, so when there are doubts, we must make timely judgments and deal with them accurately.


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