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Pulse hot press working principle

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The heat press is a new type of industrial equipment. In order to meet the needs of customers, pulse heat press manufacturers have many types of heat presses, mainly pulse heat presses, small heat presses and so on. Although people know the hot press, a lot of people don't understand its working principle. Below we will introduce the working principle of the pulse hot press for you.

Pulse hot press is also a kind of hot press, it is a new type of hot press produced by pulse hot press manufacturers. Its working principle is relatively simple. The process is as follows: By loading a certain pulse voltage on the thermal head, using a low voltage and large current, the high-impedance hot-pressed hair is heated, and the objects in contact with it are heated! When the temperature rises to the melting point of the solder, the two objects in contact with it will be welded together. It should also be noted that the pulse heating control is achieved by real-time temperature detection of the thermocouple welded to the hot part of the pressure head and feeding it back to the thermostat for closed-loop control. We are a professional hot press manufacturer, the pulse hot press is reasonably priced and deeply loved by customers. We sincerely welcome the arrival of new and old customers.

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