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Precautions for using a grinder

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1. The thickness of the grinding wheel should be selected according to the material and processing progress requirements of the device to be processed. For softer metal materials, such as copper and aluminum, thicker grinding wheels should be used, and those with higher machining accuracy should be used with thinner grinding wheels.

2. Select the appropriate grinding wheel surface according to the shape to be machined.

3. The grinding wheel used shall not have defects or disability such as cracks and defects, and the installation must be stable. At this point, you should always pay attention to the use of the machine, if you find defects or disability such as cracks, defects, etc., immediately stop using and replace the new product; when the activity, you should immediately stop the fastening.

4. When grinding, the operator should wear protective glasses to prevent splashing metal chips and sand from harming the human body.

5. The pressure applied to the grounded device should be appropriate. If it is too large, it will overheat and the surface of the machined surface will be annealed. In severe cases, it will not be used, and the life of the grinding wheel will be too fast.

6. For devices with a width smaller than the grinding surface of the grinding wheel, do not always grind one part of the grinding wheel during the grinding process. The grinding wheel should be translated to the left and right at a certain cycle for the purpose of grinding the grinding wheel. The surface can be kept relatively flat for future processing.

7. In order to prevent overheating and annealing of the machined surface of the machine being ground, the grinding part can be cooled in deep water at any time.

8. Regularly measure the insulation resistance of the motor, and ensure that it is not less than 5MΩ.) Use a circuit breaker with a leakage protection device to connect to the power supply.

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