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Precautions for inspection of hot press

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Hotpress manufacturers use hot presses in accordance with standard operations to ensure the safety of machines and personnel. During this period, inspections are the main points of safety standards, and the following items should be noted:

1. Check the heating, lubrication, and transmission of each motor, reducer, and bearing, and check whether the operation of the travel switch and pneumatic components is normal every 4 hours.

2. Each vehicle panel should check carefully whether the accumulator is properly charged.

3. At any time, pay attention to whether there is jamming between the pressure plate and the beam and the structure when the press is rising. If there is any problem, you should eliminate the fault in time, pay attention to whether the rod operation is normal, and whether it is loose or falling. Lubricate the friction surface of the board once.

4. The slab, tray, and wool board should not stay in the press for too long to prevent fire. In the event of a power failure, you should also manually advance the press down valve, lower the press, and launch the wool board.

5. Every slab enters the machine to check whether there is any damage to the pallet. If there is any abnormality, pay attention to the emergency stop button.

6. Check carefully whether the operation of pushing the slab into the installed cart is normal.

7. Inquire whether the installed push slab feed press has jammed, whether the wool board is all pushed out of the press if not all the presses should be pulled out manually, and check whether the baffle is up and down.

8. Check if there is abnormal noise or leakage in the hot oil pump.

9. Inquire whether the operation of the front and rear baffles of the press is abnormal.

10. Inquire whether there is any leakage in the tubing of the press and the loader.

11. Be careful to clean up the dust stuck on the surface of the heat pipe and the structure of the press. No fire shall be allowed within the scope of the press.

12. Pay attention to check whether there are significant foreign objects of iron into the press to prevent damage to the press plate.

13. Inquire whether the board regulations are loose or falling at any time, if any, they should be handled in time.

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