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Increase engine oil

First of all, we must ensure the normal working environment of the glue applicator. The ideal working environment should be dust-free, cool and dry, and there is no direct sunlight. If there is a lot of dust in the working environment, long-term accumulation will simply affect the performance system of the glue applicator. Flow rate, so it is necessary to regularly check whether there is dust accumulation in the bearing part that affects the dispensing flow rate. According to the actual situation, the three-axis dispensing bearing part can be lubricated.

Glue cleaning

During normal operation, a part of the glue may remain on the surface of the workbench. This is attributed to the scope of the daily maintenance of the glue applicator. If there is residual glue, it should be removed immediately to prevent this part of glue from affecting the subsequent operations. If dust and dirt appear directly It can be removed with a clean cloth, maintenance work is not done in vain, it can stabilize the dispensing effect.

Glue bubbles

The operator must understand the key to the use of the glue applicator in order to improve work efficiency. The glue of the glue applicator must be stored separately after use. It cannot be mixed with the original glue and stored separately. Ensure that it is stored separately at room temperature and without sunlight. The tightness of the stored things prevents air bubbles from mixing into the glue and directly affects the bonding strength and function. Daily maintenance is only to prevent the occurrence of dispensing problems and to have a stable output environment.

Daily maintenance operations

The glue applicator has a greater impact on the needle after performing high-intensity operations, so it needs to be checked. If the needle tip is found to be worn, a new dispensing needle can be replaced. In fact, the daily maintenance of the glue applicator is not difficult. It is only more laborious. It is often necessary to replace the parts or increase the lubricating oil. Each joint of the machine and equipment will conflict, which will simply cause the dispensing deviation in the long run.

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