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Pay attention to these issues when purchasing hot press

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When selecting and using a pulse hot press, proper parameters must be selected to ensure that it can work properly, such as soldering of USB cables and soldering between flexible circuit boards and circuit boards. Welding work. What else should you pay attention to when choosing a pulse heat press?

1. When choosing to use a pulse hot press, be sure to find regular shopping malls and specialty stores to buy to ensure quality.

2. When choosing a pulse hot press, pay attention to the brand of its product and choose a reputable and reputable brand to buy. This selection will also be of great help for future maintenance.

3. Select the type of pulse hot press, pay attention to the temperature adjustment range, and it can also be applied to the temperature of the welding product. The best choice is to control the temperature with high accuracy.

4. Generally, when selecting a pulse hot press, the vacuum function should be selected so that the welding alignment point can be adjusted well and the operation becomes easier.

5. When selecting a pulse hot press, a digital press is also required so that its pressure range can be determined when performing welding.

What products does the hot-press welding machine include?

Hot presses are now called hot presses or pulsed hot presses. It has a wide range of uses. It is mainly used in the production and application of electronic products such as mobile phones and resistive capacitive touch screens. For example, FFC (hard cable) / FPC (flexible cable) is hot-pressed to the PCB (circuit board) during the welding process; or crimped to the glass ACF process.


1. Most products of electronic display products can be widely used.

2. Touch screen (resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen are widely used in the FOG bonding process in the production process);

3. LCD PDP and other electronic products, such as the compression bonding and soldering of flexible circuit boards;

4. Brazing of enameled wires for hard drive coils, capacitors, sensors, etc .;

5. Communication equipment cable, parallel port welding;

6. Resin crimping for small cameras, etc .;

7. The gold wire inside the microwave element is hot pressed;

8. Soldering of CMOS, CCD and FPC boards for digital cameras and mobile phones;

9. ACF then compression bonding.

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