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Operating procedures of hot press

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Operating the hot press is like driving a car, and there are many precautions and operating procedures:

First of all, before starting up, the pressure of the heat transfer oil can meet the process requirements, and it must be continuously supplied. Always pay attention to the cleanliness and hygienic of the pads and the surface of the hot press plates. The equipment is normal; ensure that there is no air in the cylinder and the seal ring is well sealed. During the operation of the machine, the time of the timing controller, the pressure of the heat transfer oil and the temperature of the hot plate, and whether there is oil leakage in the pipeline should be appropriately adjusted according to the thickness and quality of the reorganized wooden board; pay attention to the speed of the temperature of the hot plate after it is closed; Check; whether the pressure, pressure, and duration of each step of the pressurization meet the pressure and duration required by the process, and adjust the relevant mechanism in a timely manner; whether the lift and push-pull strokes of the loader are appropriate and the operation is stable; piston seals and pipelines Whether there is oil leakage; in addition, make sure that the lubrication is in place. Rolling bearings, guide plates, oil pumps, and chains all need to be regularly lubricated; especially check whether the various lubrications are in place before starting up. During the start-up operation, the temperature, sound, response sensitivity of the machine, oil leakage, etc. must be checked at all times.

Of course, in the case that everything is operating normally and the quality of each component is passed, pay attention to the regular maintenance of the machine to extend the life of the machine.

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