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Multilayer Hot Press - Different Types of Multilayer Hot Press Laminate Machines

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A multilayer hot press lamination machine is primarily used to bind two or more layers of fabric together. The fabric can be any type of material such as rubber, vinyl, paper, nylon, or paper. This machine works by exposing the laminating layers to a solution that changes the physical and chemical properties of the fabric to make it suitable for binding. There are different ways of preparing the material for binding, such as laying the material flat, rolling it into shape, or melting it into a liquid state.

China... In 1977, Dr. Summer Yung created the first Hot Press Lamination Machine, which was used in his biomedical research facility located in San Francisco, California. This machine uses a combination of hot and cold pressure foaming processes to bind cotton, silk, wool, synthetic leather, synthetic plastics, and certain composites such as polyester. Dr. Yung believed that by using high pressure and temperature, the laminates become more elastic, therefore stronger, harder, and more durable. This was primarily used for his studies in biomechanical biology and tissue repair.

China... The term "multilayer hot press" was derived from Dr. Summer Yung's work. It has been estimated that Dr. Yung improved upon the earlier hot press method by adding a second lamination step to the process. His multilayer hot press lamination machine is still being used today. Today, various companies use this machine in order to produce multilayer sheets of paper, fabric, rubber, plastic, and composites.

Australia... Prior, to World War II, an Australian multi-lamination machine was designed and manufactured by Professor Peter Young. This lamination machine was used to manufacture paper, textile cloth, synthetic rubber, and synthetic plastics. This lamination machine was destroyed during World War II but was later recovered and refurbished by Professor Young.

France... In France, there is a multi-lamination machine called the Meudecry. This lamination machine was made and developed by Joachim Maud in 973. This lamination machine was used to manufacture textiles, leather, and synthetic plastics and fabrics.

Japan... There is a hot press laminate machine known as the Shane. This name came from the fact that the first prototype for this machine was built by Koji Hashimoto. This machine is also commonly referred to as a Hashimoto Laminate Machine. When you buy a hot press laminate machine, make sure that you choose one with the features that you want the most.

Italy... The Italian company, Fina, produces the Fiamma lamination machine. This machine is very similar to the Meudecry's laminator but has more advanced features. When using a Fiamma hot lamination machine, it is essential to install the Fiamma hot lamination pressure vessel.

China is world-famous for its craftsmanship and technology. Many of the laminate machines that are manufactured in China are made using high technology equipment. Many of the multilayer hot presses that are manufactured in China are also made using high technology machines. If you have never tried using a hot press laminator before, you should try out one of these Chinese lamination machines.

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