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Melamine impregnated adhesive film paper how to keep

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Melamine impregnated adhesive film paper how to keep  and what kind of 1200-1600tons Short Period Laminating Hot Press Machine With Loader and Unloading System you choose?

Melamine impregnated adhesive film paper is made of high-quality decorative paper, impregnated with melamine resin and moderately cured. It is pressed onto various wood-based panels through a professional press to make its surface resistant to high temperature, abrasion, pollution, environmental protection, and health. Can play a very good decorative effect.

At present, melamine impregnation usually adopts the secondary impregnation method, that is, the decorative paper is impregnated with ordinary resin as the core layer, and then impregnated with high-quality melamine resin. The resin of the two impregnation can be adjusted as required to ensure the final quality of the melamine impregnated film paper. reduce manufacturing cost. Impregnated paper has strict requirements for decorative paper and resin. The resin must be elastic after being prepared to prevent surface brittleness. Various additives must be added to the resin to meet production requirements.

In order to ensure the quality of melamine impregnated film paper, high-quality decorative paper must be used. Decorative paper is alpha fiber paper that does not contain lignin, does not fade, can withstand high temperatures up to 180°C, and has good hiding properties. Decorative paper has a basis weight of 70-90g/㎡, a quantitative tolerance of ±2g/㎡, a moisture content of 2.5-4.2%, and a neutral pH value of 6.5-7.5. If the pH value is too low, wrinkles will appear during curing. In order to prevent breakage during impregnation, it is required that the longitudinal wet break length is at least 450m and the transverse direction is 300m. In order not to affect the impregnation speed, it should have high absorbency, because the resin penetrates quickly. Water absorption height requirements: 25-35mm/min longitudinally, 22-30mm/min laterally. The smoothness of the decorative paper should be moderate. If it is too low, a closed impression surface cannot be obtained, and if it is too high, it will reduce the impregnation ability of the resin.

Modulation resins mainly include melamine resin and urea-formaldehyde resin, as well as various additives. The curing agent acts as a catalyst to accelerate the curing time of the resin in the pressing process; the wetting agent is used to reduce the surface tension of the resin, enhance the resin's ability to penetrate the decorative paper, and make the resin evenly impregnated; the release agent is used to prevent impregnation Adhesive film paper adheres to the steel plate during hot pressing; defoamer is used to prevent foaming in the impregnating resin tank and the resin cannot be absorbed evenly by the decorative paper; the solvent is diluted with water or ethanol to adjust the viscosity to impregnate the decorative paper It has good permeability at times. The melamine resin and urea-formaldehyde resin are made by a special glue making process, then the modifier is added and stored separately, and finally various additives such as hardener, wetting agent, release agent, defoaming agent are added and injected into the glue tank. The decorative paper is impregnated twice, and then dried in a dryer, cooled in the cooling section, and cut to a certain size, which is about 10-30mm in length and width than the substrate. During the dipping process, strictly follow the process requirements, and sample and inspect once every half an hour to ensure that the glue amount is 130-150%, the volatile content is 6-7%, and the pre-curing degree is less than 65%. After the acceptance is passed, each 200 pieces of the finished product shall be sealed and packaged with polyethylene film, and each 1500-2000 pieces shall be a pallet, which shall be packaged and stored. In order to ensure the effect of pressing, warehouse storage must ensure that the state and technical indicators of the impregnated film paper do not change. Therefore, the relative humidity of the warehouse is required to be 60±5%, so that the impregnated paper does not absorb or release water. The temperature is between 20-25℃, when the temperature is high and the humidity is high, the resin becomes soft and the impregnated paper is easy to stick; when the temperature is low, it is easy to be brittle. When the storage conditions are good, the shelf life of melamine impregnated film paper is 3 months. When using, the principle of opening and opening is adopted. If it is not used at a time, it should be sealed and sent to the warehouse for storage to prevent the impregnated paper from sticking due to moisture absorption.

The sizing amount of the melamine impregnated film paper (the weight of the solid resin relative to the decorative paper) is 130-150%. When the amount of glue is low, the strength of the impregnated paper is low, and it is easy to cause delamination. The amount of glue is moderate, the speed of forming a polymer film on the surface during hot pressing is fast, and the quality is good. When the amount of glue is too high, the impregnated paper will become brittle and easy to crack. The resin content of impregnated paper (solid resin relative to the weight of impregnated paper) is 57-60%. If the resin content is too low, the water absorption will increase and the stability will decrease. When the content is too high, the bending resistance and tensile strength will decrease. The volatile content (drying for 10 minutes at 160°C) is 6-7%. When the content is high, bubbling and wet flowers are easy to appear, and when the content is low, dry flowers are easy to appear, leading to delamination.

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