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Measuring & Detecting Machine for Plywood

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Plywood Detecting machine

The automatic board inspection line is the last process of plywood, medium density or particleboard finished boards. It is used to inspect the front and back sides of the medium density or particleboard finished boards one by one, sort out the unqualified boards, and put the unqualified boards and Qualified boards are graded and stacked, and the sorted board stacks are patted neatly, and the sorted board stacks are arranged neatly, and the number of stacked sheets can be automatically calculated. It can realize the sorting of boards of different specifications.

Measuring & Delamination Detecting Machine for Plywood

1. The size of the sorting plate can be adjusted flexibly;

2. There are two kinds of pusher: hook device and friction device;

3. The pusher adopts variable frequency drive, which is fast;

4. With a turning machine, it can realize front and back inspection;

5. No missed inspection, quality control is guaranteed;

6. Fast speed and high production capacity;

7. Automatically transport the protection board without manual intervention;

8. The system automatically memorizes the number of stacks without manual measurement;

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