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Main reasons affecting the quality of plywood production

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Almost every process in plywood production affects the plywood gluing quality to different degrees. The main reasons are summarized as follows:

1. Adhesive quality

It is manifested in several aspects such as the properties of synthetic resin adhesives for rubber, the mixing of various components, and the mixing process. In recent years, many domestic researches have been done on the components of plywood glue and the mixing process. This not only saves many chemical raw materials, reduces product costs, but also improves product performance. This is a sign of technological progress. Only the synthetic resin used in the production has good performance, sufficient adhesive strength, reasonable distribution ratio of each group of adhesives, stable performance of the prepared adhesives, suitable resin content and viscosity, and a sufficiently long active period to ensure normal operation and products. The indicators meet the requirements.

2. Board quality

The veneer quality, especially its surface state, has a great influence on the bonding strength. The quality of the veneer should be paid sufficient attention to during the preparation and rotation of the veneer. The softening of the wood should be well controlled. The conditions of the veneer should be controlled so that the indicators of the veneer are at their optimal values. Rate and flatness.

3. Plywood plywood

Attention should be paid to the two aspects of sizing amount and slab aging before glue pressing. If the amount of glue is too large, the cost is high; and if the glue layer is too thick, the internal stress increases and the glue is easy to penetrate at the same time. The aging time should be appropriate and change reasonably with climate change. It is necessary to realize the core board unification and reduce the core board lamination and separation. Attention should be paid to mastering the speed and pressure reduction of the rubber bead, especially the more moisture in the slab.

In addition, new technologies and new equipment are used, such as the use of high-efficiency air-jet veneer dryers, core board stitching machines, and core board levelers to achieve continuous operations of sizing, blank assembly, pre-pressing, and hot pressing. Quickly closing the hot press, etc., can accurately control the process conditions and make the product quality more guaranteed.

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