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Knowledge of hot press

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-02-19      Origin: Site

With the reduction of wood, especially precious wood resources, more and more pressing processes such as thin wood or stickers are used on furniture. Hot presses, which are important equipment for the pressing process, are often used for veneering and pressing molded parts in furniture manufacturing. Production capacity and technical performance restrict the pros and cons of the company's production scale and product quality. In order to better understand and select the press, this article uses the veneer hot press often used in the furniture industry as an example to introduce the press.

The veneer hot press used in the furniture industry is basically adapted to the specifications of wood-based panels. Generally speaking, presses are mainly evaluated and selected based on their functionality, reliability, service, and price. Traditional heating methods are steam heating and electric heating. Steam heating rises quickly, but a pressure boiler is required. The pipeline pressure is high. The steam is easy to condense into water and cause uneven surface temperature. Electric heating has the characteristics of fast heating, high heating temperature, and easy control. The cost is high, and there are some disadvantages such as that the resistance wire fails and is not easy to replace when it is used. The advantages of heat transfer oil heating are: high heat capacity, uniform temperature, can be heated to a very high temperature under normal pressure, small heat loss, can reduce production costs, its disadvantages are slow heating speed, difficult to control the temperature. In the furniture industry, when the hot pressing temperature is generally not high, satisfactory results can be achieved by using a hot water circulation furnace, and the fixed investment and operating costs are very low.

With the continuous improvement of technology, the application of hot presses is gradually becoming wider. I believe that in the future technological development, the market of hot presses will be better!

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