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Knowledge about glue applicators

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I don't know if we are all familiar with the glue applicator. Some of them should be known. However, there are many people who still have some questions about what are the characteristics of the glue applicator and what are the specific operating methods and processes. The following hot press manufacturers will help us introduce the relevant knowledge.

Glue coating machine is also called a coating machine, glue scraper, active glue spraying machine, etc. A mechanical device mainly used to apply liquid glue on the surface of textiles, cartons or leather. There are many types of existing glue applicators, such as drum glue applicators, double-acting glue applicators, and double stations. Lifting glue machine and so on. The coater sprays liquids, such as glue or paint, onto the desired product by air pressure. The equipment adopts a three-axis linkage, active operation, and is equipped with computer programming to control the path spraying. Spray thickness and time can be set for easy operation.

1. Operating procedures and methods

(1) glue tank melt glue over the glue system

The adjustment of the distance between the lower transition roller and the rubber roller: first determine the thickness of the rubber sheet; then find two pieces of wood or cardboard of the same thickness and place it on the rubber roller (one piece on one side); fix the plate thickness scheduling bolt.

The rubber roller open space dispatch bolt is used to dispatch the rubber roller and the sliders on both sides to prevent the rubber from leaking.

(2) Board transportation system

Adjusting the deviation of the conveyor belt: Loosen the conveyor belt adjustment screw, move the conveyor belt to the center of the roller (the center limit wheel is removed), and tighten the conveyor belt adjustment screw. It is advisable to tighten the conveyor belt quickly. With side turn and side adjustment, when the conveyor belt goes to the left, tighten the left dispatch screw or loosen the right adjustment screw. If the conveyor belt goes to the right, tighten the right dispatch screw or loosen the left adjustment screw.

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